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Why retreat?

Wisdom before making a big decision. Before you have to make a big decision, you really want to seek the Lord. To listen and figure out what He wants you to do with your life with whatever decision that you’re making. Whether it’s a job change or something big happening with your family.

To Ignite a Spark in Your Relationship with the Lord

Another reason that you might want to have a personal prayer retreat, is to create excitement in your relationship with the Lord.

We all get it. We know what it’s like when you’ve been married for a long time and you’re going through the day to day things. You look up from the daily grind and discover that you’ve lost that spark.

I know couples who will go on a romantic vacation together to get one on one time and we need the same thing in our relationship with the Lord.

So as if you’ve been a Christian for a long time and you found that spark is kind of waning, it’s good to have some “one on one” time with Him.

When You Need to Fill Your Cup

Because you are actively serving in a position of ministry and constantly giving of yourself, a personal prayer retreat will fill your cup.

Sometimes we’re hesitant or we’re neglectful of spending that time with God and really being filled up ourselves. Then we end up burning out.

Things to take with you:

  • Tissues

  • A journal

  • Your Bible

  • A music playlist

  • A pillow and or blanket to sit outside on

  • Water / juice and some snacks (unless you are fasting)


Music: If you enjoy entering God’s presence through music and song, bring along some music and songs and use them to help you connect with God throughout your day.

Devotional Reading: A retreat is a great time to read the reflections of other disciples of Jesus Christ and benefit from their experiences and insights.

Slow down: Sleeping, napping and staring at the passing clouds and birds can be part of a time of spiritual refreshing. Wasting time with God might be a way of expressing it.

Journaling: Use your journal to document what you’re learning and any resolutions you are making. Also consider writing a letter to God or writing out your prayers to make them more tangible.

Walk and pray: They really can go together. Praying while walking through places of natural beauty–and while sitting on a rock or log along the trail–can be an important part of your retreat time.

Coffee Break: Have a coffee break with God. Talk to him as you would talk to a friend you are having coffee with.

Memorize: Memorize a scriptural promise God gave you.

Study: Study a specific book, chapter or word in the Bible.

Fellowship: Go on the retreat with a small group of friends.

Take time out at various points in the day to share what God is teaching you and to pray and/or sing together. (These should be done as team retreats)


Technology: Nothing will kill your retreat faster than being distracted by calls, emails, text, social media, etc. You need to unplug from things to plug in to God.

Your kids: Don’t try to incorporate your children into your retreat. Family time is important, but there’s a time and place for everything (see Ecclesiastes 3).

People: It’s nice to have fellowship at points throughout your day, but, be very careful not to lose the day socializing and spending time with people. People will always be there, but this is your one time to be alone with God. Don’t waste it!

Distractions of food: Don’t eat too much or too little. The goal is to make food/meals as little of a distraction as possible. (unless you are fasting).

Anything that distracts you. God is jealous for you and doesn’t want to lose His time with you. Don’t bring anything that will pull you away in mind, body or spirit.

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